Travel... Food... Love... Life and writing my truth one adventure after another.

My ongoing quest to have an "eat pray love" experience while being a minivan-driving, multitasking mom on a serious budget


the story

“Eat Pray Love” gave me the inspiration. “Fight Club” gave it a name. Speaking at BlogHer and my trip to Costa Rica gave me the courage to begin this journey...


the journey

Travel, food, love, life... and writing my truth one adventure after another.  It’s more than a blog… it’s a live memoir. And I’m inviting you to ride shotgun...



Eat. Sleep. Explore. Repeat. My thoughts on and recommendations of the people, places, and things that I encounter along the way...


Enlightening as I entertain...


Hi, I'm chatterbox christie...

{Christie Glascoe} 

I'm an Atlanta-based coffee & cocktail loving creative writer/author, content strategist, influencer, wanderluster, pop culture junkie, wannabe foodie, wonder woman-ninja-jedi mom, and I do epic shit. I talk a lot... about a lot of things but I always strive to put my gift of gab to good use.

My methods are a bit unconventional, yet somehow I manage to inspire as I entertain. My overall mission is to put smiles on faces and if you’re not smiling right now… well… you haven’t had enough coffee!