The Cowfish Brings Burgers and Sushi Beautifully Together to Atlanta

On Mother’s Day weekend, I treated myself to lunch at The Cowfish Burger Sushi Bar. After months of salivating over their Instagram feed, I was over the moon when they announced they’re“NOW OPEN” in Atlanta. Burgers and sushi are two of my three favorite foods, so, of course, IHAD to find out if the food is as good as it looks. I am happy to report that is resoundingly… overwhelmingly… better! 

Every item on the menu is a creative concoction of unique taste combinations from the cocktails to the desserts. The staff seems to know it by heart… which is very impressive and sparked entertaining conversations with my waitress, Brittany. She was very patient with my indecisiveness. I wanted to try everything! And what do you know… there is an option for that!

Burgers and sushi aren’t just side-by-side in a bento box! There really is BURGUSHI… as in burgers and sushi actually together… in a roll… chopsticks optional! I’m definitely going for it on my next trip! Keep an eye on my Instagram for the verdict!The BURGUSHI BENTO BOX is perfect for a first-time visit to The Cowfish. It gives you a sample of one item in each menu category… an appetizer, a sushi roll, a burger, and a couple of sides. No question or substitution was off limits so I was able to customize my box for maximum enjoyment. I highly recommend the Georgia Roll and the bacon cole slaw (because bacon makes everything better, you know).

Atlanta is the 4th location for The Cowfish with restaurants also in Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, and Orlando FL. I’m going to need you to check them out, okay? Okay! Let me know how you love it… because I know you will!The Cowfish is one of the few restaurants that I could take every member of my family (grandmother and little kiddos included) There is literally something for everyone! You don’t have to be a big sushi or burger fan to satisfy your taste buds here. If you’re one of those that is a hard NO GO on sushi… it’s okay… they have a way of making other foods look like sushi so you won’t be left out. Everything is SO good that it’s nearly impossible not to be a convert. I’m inclined to believe that is completely by design. This is my new happy place.